Let me introduce myself

My name is David although my students usually call me "tekneso" due to this site.

I am a building engineer graduated from the european university of Madrid uem and a technical architect from the university of Seville etsie.

I'm usually involved in a huge variety of courses related to education and technology, maybe because I consider knowledge makes you grow up in all aspects of life.

Nowadays I've been working as a technology teacher in secondary school since 2012 although I think I've been teaching for as long as I can remember.

Teaching makes me feel alive when I see how my students achieve the goals, encouraging me to try to be better every single day. That's why I've created this site... to improve, to encourage, to make the stuff easier, to facilitate active learning in and out of the class...just feel free in it.

If you are willing to...you can do it!

Welcome aboard!

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